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Contract Licensed Mental Health Professional (LMHP):


  • Master's degree from an accredited university or a college with a major in the field of counseling, social work, psychology, nursing, rehabilitation, special education, health education or a human services field who is fully licensed OR under the supervision of a licensed practitioner in human services.
  • Registered as Licensed or as an Intern in the State of Louisiana and adhere to all licensing board requirements to remain in good standing.


  • Two years professional experience providing services to persons with serious mental illness. Training in the following areas: initial assessments and evaluations; treatment planning and interventions; documentation; psychopharmacology; understanding the regulations for reporting child abuse and neglect; patient rights; crisis intervention to handle emergencies i.e. suicidal ideation, out of control behaviors etc.

Job Description:

  • Complete initial authorization assessment paperwork in a timely manner to ensure recipients receive authorizations on time and at appropriate levels of care based on accurate information about current functioning, including but not limited to initial person centered treatment plan, consent to treat, releases of information, CANS/LOCUS assessment and insurance packet.
  • Document services provided regularly, concisely, and completely in accordance with clinical standards within 48 hours.
  • Be able, or willing to learn, to use computer interface to complete documentation for billing or other purposes as needed.
  • Be available for Supervision Meetings, trainings, and staffing meetings as scheduled by Clinical Director
  • Attend supervision 1 hour monthly.
  • Return phone calls and/or emails promptly
  • Update calendar monthly with availability
  • Follow all safety rules
  • Obtain 10+ training hours as required yearly